Avoid These 5 Mistakes While Preparing for CTET Exam

CTET or Central Teacher Eligibility Test is conducted by CBSE every year for appointing primary and upper primary teachers. CTET 2018 is likely to be conducted in April this year and a strong preparation is highly recommended for the same as it a very extensive examination. As a teacher, one is expected to be quite knowledgeable and since, CTET exam is for primary level teachers many candidates tend to overlook this and take it lightly. But, this overconfidence can sometimes cause trouble and may decrease your chances of selection.So, as you start to begin your preparation here are some of the most common mistakes that students often make while preparing for CTET. Have a look at these and gear up your preparation for CTET 2018.

Improper time management and unstructured study plan

The syllabus for CTET is quite vast and comprehensive and hence, the exam needs a rigorous preparation which is not possible without a proper study plan. A structured study plan is essential as it helps in dividing your time equally for all the subjects. Also, a study plan always acts as a checklist and keeps you on track as you jot down all the subjects and topics in it and are assured that you would not miss out on anything which is otherwise impossible if you prepare randomly for the exam without making a timetable.

Also as a teacher in future, you will have to make your students adhere to timetables and as the saying goes by “charity begins at home” so start by implementing a timetable on your own preparation.

Unlike, UGC NET 2018 which consists of only three parts of which two are based on the sections of your choice; CTET 2018 is quite vast and consists of five sections for each of the papers. Thus, it is very important to have a proper study plan in place. Start by analysing the syllabus of the exam, paper pattern, number of sections and all the topics. List out your strong and weak areas and depending upon your feasibility, chalk out a study plan by allocating equal time and attention to all the topics. Allocate more time to areas/topics where you are weak.

Your paper is half done if you are able to manage your time effectively.

“Child pedagogy and development” – the most overlooked section in CTET

Child pedagogy and development is a section which is quite often overlooked by many of the candidates. It is a common misconception among most of the CTET aspirants that since this section consists of 30 marks only; they can perform well without giving much attention to it which turns out to be a big blunder for them. This section is one of the toughest sections in the paper and it is impossible to clear it without a strong preparation.

Moreover, if a candidate is thorough in pedagogy section this will help you not just in this particular section but even in other subject based sections of the CTET exam one can easily expect around 50% of questions linked to child pedagogy. It is very important to prepare for this section thoroughly and allocate maximum amount of time for it. So focus well on this part as it will help you in other sections of the exam also and you would maximize your chances of clearing the exam.

Ignoring mock tests and previous years CTET papers

Mock tests are the best way to test yourself and evaluate your performance and also analyse your strong and weak areas. Also, appear for section wise tests so that you can get a good grip over all the topics. They help you in reviewing the areas where you are going wrong and give you a chance to improve on those sections where you are still lacking behind.

They will also prepare you well for the actual exam scenario and you would ace the art of appearing for an exam in a timed manner. Try solving as many mock tests as possible both online or offline as per your convenience as there are many sites offering mock tests for your exam preparation.

As the popular saying goes by “practice makes a man perfect” and the more you practice the more you drag yourself towards perfection. Do not just limit your practice to subject wise tests and mock tests but also start solving previous year’s papers of CTET. Previous year papers are very important for cracking any competitive exam.

Forgetting keywords of important theories

Keywords are the basis of theory and hence, it is very crucial to remember them and the only way to remember it is either by by-hearting them or by using mental mapping method. So, whenever you come across some important theory firstly, have a notebook by your side and quickly jot down all the important keywords linked to that theory.

Apart from this, also mention if there are any subtypes of that query. This will help you in future while revising, as simply by looking at the keywords you can remember about the theory or if the theory appears somewhere you can easily recollect all the important key terms linked to it. Additionally, some classes like talent sprint have also started offering mobile apps where they offer fun puzzles to remember these theories easily.

Over burdening your mind before exam:

Overloading your mind with information by last minute cramming up is one of the worst tortures you could do to yourself before the actual exam. It is a common observation that often candidates get anxious in the last final days of the exam and especially in the last few they start over burdening themselves by trying to study everything. Remember, that if you have not prepared for something in the last 1 month or say last one week you cannot just prepare for it one day before the exam and magically remember everything about it. In the process of trying to study and mug up everything, you may even forget the topics that you prepared previously. Instead of touching up new topics it is better and advisable to focus and revise the areas you have previously prepared and gain confidence on them.


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