career after 12th

Career Options you can choose after class 12th

career after 12th

Choosing a career is one of the most vital aspect of an individual’s life. It involves decision making, self-analysis, and most of all critical thinking. Sometimes our career choices are influenced by the one’s closest to us whether it’s your friends, parents, relatives etc. But it does not always have to be that way, in today’s world we have wider choice available to us.

You might need to plan your career well in advance and with wisely if you are to ward off the competition. There several things you need to be aware of before picking a career option including interests, abilities, personality, and aptitudes. Apart from all of these you must also into the criteria, eligibility, market demands etc.

If you’re confused about what to after following your 12th grade or PUC, you can go through these points which can help you in making decision regarding your future.

Take Entrance Exams

Entrance exams are a low risk and high yield trend that most students are starting to follow nowadays. You can pretty much take up any entrance exams as long as relates to your stream. Some of the most sought after colleges in the country conduit entrance exams in the country. There are government job related entrances exams like UPSC, IAS, IPS, NDA etc. As well Engineering and Medicine related exams like JEE Main 2017, NEET,AIIMS etc.

Choose Higher Education

It’s always a safe option to pursue further studies in the stream that you have chosen, let it be PCM,PCB etc. Students with a background in Math, Physics and Chemistry can opt for bachelors in architecture, engineering, Information Technology etc. And for people with Biology, you can opt for MBBS, Dentistry, and Veterinary other medical fields. People related to Commerce background can take up LLB, Economics, B.Com, BBA etc. People with a background in Humanities can opt for BA, Psychology, and Theatrics etc.


An idea can be worth a lot if it properly implemented and entrepreneurs who have the right idea and skill can start their own business with the help of little investment. All it takes is an idea, a plan and determination to bring your dream to life. Instead of working a boss, why not be your own boss?


If you are planning to pursue further studies and have time to spare before starting college you can always take up an internship in an established company. You can gain work experience related to the stream you are going take up in the future and learn how things function in a corporate environment. This can be an extremely useful experience as it it will help you get into your dream institution.

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