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How to lose weight: These are those 5 things which will reduce your weight fast

How to lose weight: Rush-filled life and wrong eating habits are making people victims of obesity. Don’t people suffering from obesity do anything to lose weight? Some people sweat for hours in the gym, some go to doctors to get medicines, while some people even start fasting, which is not the right option. If you are also thinking of losing weight, then this news is useful for you. In this news, we are telling you about 5 such things, which can make your weight loss journey wonderful.

Why is it important to lose weight

According to well-known Ayurveda doctor Abrar Multani, obesity should be controlled as soon as possible, because due to obesity many diseases can surround you.

  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • increased uric acid
  • Diabetes

Eat these things to lose weight

1. Consumption of carrots
Carrots are also helpful in reducing weight. It contains a good amount of fiber, it keeps the stomach full for a long time. Therefore, to reduce belly fat in the winter season, you can consume carrot juice or soup.

2. Consumption of cinnamon
According to a research, cinnamon contains the element cinnamaldehyde, which stimulates the metabolism of fatty visceral tissue, which helps in reducing belly fat. Consuming cinnamon regularly or drinking its tea can help in weight loss.

3. Consumption of cardamom
Melatonin found in cardamom increases metabolic rate. Due to which the body starts burning fat very fast. Eat 4 cardamoms with lukewarm water every night before sleeping. By doing this regularly, you will start seeing the difference within a few weeks.

4. Curd will reduce weight
Curd is also helpful in reducing weight. It is a low carb and high protein food, which is one of the best foods for weight loss. The protein present in curd is helpful in maintaining lean muscle mass and reducing belly fat. In this respect, curd helps in weight loss.

5. Fennel will reduce weight
Doctor Abrar Multani says that you can lose weight with the help of fennel. Fennel is a rich source of fiber, antioxidants and minerals, all of which help in burning fat and thus fennel helps in reducing weight. Fennel helps in digestion and metabolism by increasing the absorption of nutrients from food. After waking up in the morning, start drinking lukewarm water with fennel seeds.

If you do not eat jaggery sithora in winter, then consider that you have hit an ax on your foot, this disease runs away.

The information given here is not a substitute for any medical advice. This is being given only for educational purposes.


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